This page is for photos that are meant to be admired......I love to display these.....Also if I have some really nice photos of babies I will post them also.......

 Well, seems SPRING is here already...Many of the breeders are starting to think about having babies! .....It is exciting every year !  Amazons are now starting up....Have one Yellow Nape baby now!!   

Please keep checking back..I will post new babies as they happen and also new photos !!!

RUBY enjoys her broccoli

BURDEE-hurricane helper!

BLU's New Hairdo !

FLUFFY and her spaghetti !

GROOT  on his new Firetruck

CHIP- Sun Conure

NIBBS Turquoise Grn Chk Conure


SUN Conure baby !

       MIA Pineapple Grn Cheek

     TREASURE  Hyacinth Macaw

LEO Yellow Side Grn Chk Conure

ECLECTUS MALE at new home

LUNA, Congo African Grey

Sun Conures Pumpkin

    " ECHO " Timneh African Grey

   ROSIE,  African Grey Congo

JEWEL, Green Wing Macaw   

SERAFINA Turq Grn Chk Conure