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  •   All our babies are hand fed & loved

Back in 1987 we decided to open a Pet Shop that specialized in BIRDS..One thing led to another and we began breeding many exotic birds...It was work but fun!!  Many disappointments and also many joys....We loved Parrotville Bird Shop and always treated everyone fairly and with compassion...

In 2015 we decided to close our shop and retire !!  We moved from Ohio to Palm Coast Florida ! But still the love of birds was there so we still handraise many babies but specialize in Congo and Timneh African Greys...


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  •  Happy and well socialized babies

     Always available for questions or concerns

PARROTVILLE is the #1 place to purchase your new baby !!


   Raised in our home for your home!

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Our bird babies love the beautiful sunny days and spend a big majority of their day outside..We have a screened lanai so they can enjoy looking around and playing in safety....I have so much more time now to interact with them....I love it !!